unlocking second chance
employment opportunities

We work with businesses to help create meaningful and sustainable employment
opportunities for individuals impacted by the criminal justice system.

The Problem

The Solution

Every year, 650,000 Americans return to society from incarceration to find themselves locked out of gainful employment opportunities. People with criminal records were 5x more likely to be unemployed in 2019 than the rest of the nation.

Second Chance Employment is good for business and society. Gainful work plays a vital part in reducing re-incarceration and improving local communities. It also strengthens employer workforces with more dedicated and loyal workers.

We offer multiple paths to embracing second chance hiring. Let’s work together to adopt a Second Chance Employment program
that works for your business!

what our partners are saying

“I think we’re really at the tip of the iceberg here. We’re starting a movement and I think it’s important that other businesses can recognize that.”

Mary Douglas

Community Engagement Director, MOD Pizza

“If I’ve learned anything from this work, it’s that there’s a huge importance in separating out a job candidate’s circumstances from their character.”

Joe Deloss

Founder + Head Fryer, Hot Chicken Takeover

“Over the last four years, we’ve employed over 200 men and women coming out of the criminal justice system, addiction, and homelessness. It has just been an amazing gift.”

Amy King

Owner, Square Peg

“The resilience and optimism is really exciting. Reentering candidates are going to be your most committed, humble, resilient workforce. They’re so invested in the company doing well.”

Sabrina Mutukisna

Co-Owner, The Town Kitchen

championing talent Solving Big Problems

Because the world needs an engaged workforce and thriving communities  Second Chance Employment helps us get there

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What we do

what we do

We help businesses adopt Second Chance Employment and confidently hire individuals who have criminal records. Not because they have a record, but because they are the best candidate for the job.

We train business leaders

We partner with business and HR leaders to offer
training on misconceptions and biases, compliance
concerns and company culture. Our training programs
guide businesses in identifying and embracing best
practices for their business needs.

We offer trusted resources

We provide clients with exclusive, industry leading tools
and resources on Second Chance Employment, including
the latest news, research, toolkits, guides, events, and
policies impacting Second Chance Employment


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