We power your commitment to

second chance

The intentional practice of employing people
who have a criminal background

Hiring the best person for the job, regardless of criminal history

Who we are

We are the only organization created solely to equip and support businesses as they embrace and adopt Second Chance Employment.  We’ve been in your shoes, navigated the muddy water and leaned into countless uncomfortable conversations. We’re here to help you leap frog our mistakes and connect you to tremendous and overlooked talent.  We work directly with employers to help them build leadership buy-in, adopt Second Chance Employment and source exceptional talent across the country.


We challenge the myths and misconceptions about employing people with criminal backgrounds, and offer a powerful alternative example


We assess employers’ current practices, make recommendations, and offer comprehensive plans and coaching for implementing Second Chance Employment



We convene the Second Chance Business Coalition – a robust group of private sector businesses publicly advocating for Second Chance Employment nationwide

championing talent Solving Big Problems

Because the world needs an engaged workforce and thriving communities  Second Chance Employment helps us get there

Playbook users

Event Attendees

Coalition Members

Cups Of Coffee

work with us

We offer multiple paths to embracing Second Chance Employment.
Reach out and we’ll connect you to what you need most

The Playbook is our free video content designed for business leaders & HR professionals looking to understand and adopt this talent philosophy within their organizations

The Ecosystem points committed Second Chance Employers to innovative recruiting partners across the country to connect to incredible talent

The Coalition is a group of private sector employers who understand the value of Second Chance Employment to encourage companies to join the movement

From Our partners

“I think we’re really at the tip of the iceberg here. We’re starting a movement and I think it’s important that other businesses can recognize that.”

Mary Douglas

Community Engagement Director, MOD Pizza

“If I’ve learned anything from this work, it’s that there’s a huge importance in separating out a job candidate’s circumstances from their character.”

Joe Deloss

Founder + Head Fryer, Hot Chicken Takeover

“Over the last four years, we’ve employed over 200 men and women coming out of the criminal justice system, addiction, and homelessness. It has just been an amazing gift.”

Amy King

Owner, Square Peg

“The resilience and optimism is really exciting. Reentering candidates are going to be your most committed, humble, resilient workforce. They’re so invested in the company doing well.”

Sabrina Mutukisna

Co-Owner, The Town Kitchen


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