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The Second Chance Corporate Cohort is designed for Human Resource and Operations professionals within companies looking to build inclusive, competitive and thriving workplaces.  The Cohort model guides a small group of companies through an 8 week training and coaching process to equip the participants to actively embrace and adopt Second Chance Employment. They will learn how to assess their company’s current state of employment practices, debunk common myths about Second Chance Employment and create a customized implementation plan for their companies. 

The group will gather virtually over the duration of the cohort, lessons will be covered by experts in employment law, Human Resources, change management, those with lived experience and more.


Understand the fundamentals of Second Chance Employment


Create customized implementation plan using change management methods


Develop confidence in messaging and materials to internally champion Second Chance Employment

We’re here when you’re ready to start your Second Chance Employment journey! Drop us a line at to enroll in a Second Chance Corporate Cohort.

Each week participants complete one hour of learning in preparation for our weekly two hour live, facilitated session as a cohort.

Each cohort company sends three representatives – one Human Resource leader, one Operations leader and a third leader of their choice – to participate in learning sessions and co-designing their implementation plan.

We’re here to help.

We help businesses adopt Second Chance Employment and confidently hire
individuals who have criminal records. Not because they have a record, but
because they are the best candidate for the job.